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Top 10 Tips On Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is a touchy subject among creative communities.  A lot of artists don’t have the privilege to wait and be inspired.  Waiting for inspiration is a fast and easy way to have overdue bills and skinny children if it’s your job.  Although there are times where we can all go for a dose of inspiration and a kick in the ass.

1. Music


Music is a sure and easy way to get inspired when writing.  I’ve coordinated fight scenes to certain music. I can listen to a piece of music and think Holy shit!  This is when he punches the dude!

Imagine your characters getting groovy to some smexy music.  What led them to that moment? While writing, if you can handle it, play that music on repeat while writing that scene.  It’ll keep you on task plus it’s super fun!

2. Read


Writers are massive bookworms.  There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others.  That’s how people get inspiration. Plus, nothing’s truly original nowadays.  

You should be reading a lot anyways.  Read something different like poetry, graphic novels, or novellas; creativity begets creativity.

3. Study History

Having trouble coming up with some heinous atrocities for your villains to commit?  You’d be surprised by how messed up people have gone to achieve their ends.

During the French Revolution, the king was discovered while trying to escape all because he had his face on the currency.  A commoner recognized him and pointed him out.

Think about your main character that works for the rebellion, she finds the prince all because she  so happened to be buying roses. The possibilities of history are endless.

4. New Surroundings


A change of scenery can be all you need to put your typin’ fingers into gear.  Go into a different room or maybe get out of the house if that’s what you need.

That’s why I love writing in cafes so much!  The thought of someone looking over my shoulder and seeing me typing away madly is oddly assuring.  It makes me feel like a real writer.

Plus it keeps me on task.  I don’t want that person to look over my shoulder only to find out I’m streaming American Horror Story.

5. People-Watch


Okay, so it’s kind of a secret that writers like to people-watch.  You can get a ton of inspiration just from watching people go throughout their everyday life.  Eavesdropping on conversations spark some wild ideas-oddly enough.

I promise that I don’t do this regularly!  At least I hope I’m not the only one.

6. Current events


Open CNN or Fox News to get some ideas shootin’ around.  There’s always debates rocking our country apart.

If you’re writing a contemporary romance or a chilling fantasy, you can always add some spice to your story by adding some national influence into your novel. 

7. Writing Groups

I can’t speak of this personally; I’ve never been apart of a writing group.  Still, many writers find a lot of help. Brainstorming with other creative people results in nothing but more creativity. 

8. Blogs


Duh, of course I’d mention this one.  Reading blogs is just sharing creativity which is an awesome part about this community.  

Interacting with other bloggers is extremely encouraging.  The atmosphere is awesome and oftentimes, many bloggers just want to help other writers.  It’s easy to fall back into this community.

9. Take a Break


In order to be a real writer, you have to treat writing as a profession.  That means having to write when you don’t wanna’.

Still, real people do take breaks from their work every so often-so long it’s in reason.  Taking a month long break from writing is ridiculous. A couple hours while you go hiking-yes of course.

10. Find what inspires you

Of course, some things just don’t work for others.  Music inspires me. However, many writers are inspired when they work out or spend time with their family.  Find what works for you and never let that go.


At the end of the day, inspiration is bullshit.  If you need to get that draft done in a month but you aren’t feeling inspired, you just have to suck it up. Inspiration is temporary, persistence is forever.

However, inspiration is always something to be grateful for.  Look around and you’ll find inspiration all around you. The world is full of ideas.  Us writers just know where to look.

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