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Hi I’m Back

I posted a vlog if that’s more your jam. It’s basically this blog with a tad more detail and in video form. Pick your poison.

This post is going to be short and quick. I just wanted to share where in the world I’ve been and what happened since I’ve been gone.

Long story short, I took a step back from writing because my health was not in a good place. You can see me in the process of having a breakdown in my last vlog. I don’t want to go into detail but here’s some vague history. My depression, anxiety, and eating disorder really kicked my butt in late 2018.

But on a fantastic note, I’m doing a heck of a lot better now. Honestly, I am so much better now. I’m able to go to school everyday and I no longer have an anxiety attack everyday. I’m just so much better now thanks to great people in my life who’ve helped me.

While on my break, I started to read different types of books that weren’t just dystopia. I started to read a ton of literary fiction and now it might be my favorite genre currently. Because of this, I feel like I’m having some quarter life crisis as I wonder what do I even like to read? Does my writing change alongside my reading tastes?

It’s ludicrous that I’m worrying about this when I’m only seventeen. I know kids my age are published but that is not the path I want to follow. On the latter side, other teenagers write fanfiction and it’s so obvious that they truly love what they do.

I hope that I will figure out what I am meant to write but right now, I am trying not to worry about it. Some people start writing when they’re fifty. There’s no reason why I should be worrying about this right now. I’ve taken a step back from my old attitude and am trying to just find what I really to enjoy to write.

I’m currently working on brainstorming for the novel I’ve been working on for five years. Yes, five years. I’ve written countless drafts but none have really stuck. Of course, I feel like I’m getting closer with every draft I write. Hopefully, I can share this story that is so close to me with you all one day. On top of that, I’m working on a short story and am currently writing the fourth draft.

I want to start posting a bit more on my blog but I don’t think I’m ready to commit to a schedule. My health is a lot better than last year but I don’t quite trust myself yet. I can’t wait for the summer so I can start working on my writing again but for now, I’m just trying to find my passion for writing again.

Thank you again so much for being patient and understanding. I know that one day, I will be a published writer but I’m going to take advantage of being young and try to take care of myself.

In the future, I’m planning on making a blog/vlog on how the writing community has hurt myself and how I think it affects other teen writers. If you’re a teen writer, I’d love to talk about it. If not for the blog, then just for the chance at having a discussion and making a new friend. My email is or you can dm me on Twitter and Instagram.

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