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Danielle Mamaril

Published writer and aspiring author


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sing alleluia, amen

an erotic devotional poem with sapphic vibes

Flash Fiction

Deer in the Headlights

A police officer commits a crime

Short Story

The Trial of a Goldfish Killer

A lifeguard encounters a mermaid.


Roses Still Have Thorns

A poem about eating disorders.


Works in Progress

Peer Review

Ghostwriting a Suicide Note
Short Story

Elias is ready to write his suicide note. As he delays the task, a mysterious force writes the letter for him.


Currently Untitled

A fantasy world set in a country of political turmoil. We've got super powers, forbidden romance, and strong female characters.


Authortube Newbie Tag 2.0

Same info. Just in vlog style. Pick your poison. I’m doing a tag I wasn’t tagged in. What’s new? It’s the only tag I’ve done on my channel, just the updated version. I’m doing a blog post to correlate with the vlog because I think the blogging community would still appreciate the tag. I hope y’all get to know me a bit more and find it interesting. What’s your book’s pitch? If you have multiple works, choose your favorite! My favorite project is my short story “The Trial of a

How the Writing Community has Helped Me

A while ago, I posted a blog just airing out some grievances I’ve had with the writing community. I’ve covered the bad and the ugly, but not so much the good. This blog is going to be my amazing experience with the writing community. Save info different format Community is So Accepting I’ve found the community so kind especially to me as a teenager. People treat me as an equal. If anything, I don’t think there is much difference in how I’m treated because of my age. It comes

A Poem: My Confidant

My Confidant Music I know her music’s sweet melody lifts me up calms me down makes me excited offers beautiful words I love music as a sister we would stay up late whispering secrets like the young girls we were I know she will always be by me because of the promises that we made I’ll write this poem but only because this is To Music This poem is published in two poetry collections, Accolades and A Celebration of Poets. I wrote this when I was twelve. I still have a love-hate

How to Balance Motherhood and Writing

Hey Y’all!  This is the first ever guest blog post on this blog ever.  Dawn Kozak, a kind, and aspiring writer is here to drop some knowledge.  Take it away from Dawn! Don’t let your overwhelming life stop you from following your dreams. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the bumpy road of motherhood and writing. Don’t give up on your passions Being a mom is a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean you have to put aside everything else in your life. On the day your precio

Pet Peeves of Female Characters

Not all characters are created equal.  That’s all coolio-schmoolio but it gets tiring when the same characters appear in every story I read.  I’m not discussing archetypes (that’s kinda expected) but the annoying female characters. They’re cardboard cutouts and are here to instill sleepy readers during a supposedly epic fight scene. 1. Evil seductress This chick is leaking of pure sexuality.  They are gorgeous, perfect even. She turns heads when she enters a room.  Everyone w

How I Outline: Tips and Tricks

Outlining is hella hard.  Some of y’all may be prantsers but personally, I am a strong planner.  That’s just how I work and I outline a certain way that helps me understand my story better. Finding your own outlining technique is a whole other hurdle to jump over and that’s before you even started outlining!  The time it takes to create a story😓.   I made a vlog to show how I outline and hopefully, it’ll help you find your own technique in outlining.  Hope y’all enjoy! #writ

How to Create Content While Mentally Ill: Helpful Advice to Fellow Writers

Mental illness is prevalent across creative communities.  It fucking sucks, man. Writers from Ernest Hemingway to J.K. Rowling have suffered from mental illness, and they sure as hell ain’t the only ones. Tons of writers have mental illnesses.  Particularly, anxiety, which is an odd observation not only I have made.  There are tons of misconceptions about mental illness but in creative communities, probably the most prevalent is the tortured artist aesthetic. I’m not here to