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Danielle Mamaril

Published writer and aspiring author


Recent Publications


sing alleluia, amen

an erotic devotional poem with sapphic vibes

Flash Fiction

Deer in the Headlights

A police officer commits a crime

Short Story

The Trial of a Goldfish Killer

A lifeguard encounters a mermaid.


Roses Still Have Thorns

A poem about eating disorders.


Works in Progress

Peer Review

Ghostwriting a Suicide Note
Short Story

Elias is ready to write his suicide note. As he delays the task, a mysterious force writes the letter for him.


Currently Untitled

A fantasy world set in a country of political turmoil. We've got super powers, forbidden romance, and strong female characters.


Top 10 Tips On Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is a touchy subject among creative communities.  A lot of artists don’t have the privilege to wait and be inspired.  Waiting for inspiration is a fast and easy way to have overdue bills and skinny children if it’s your job.  Although there are times where we can all go for a dose of inspiration and a kick in the ass. 1. Music Music is a sure and easy way to get inspired when writing.  I’ve coordinated fight scenes to certain music. I can listen to a piece of music

Why I Write

“You don’t write because you want to say something.  You write because you have something to say.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald Every so often, I forget the reason I’m a writer.  I’ve never gone so far to lose myself in the pursuit of the end goal.  I’ve always enjoyed the process, but recently I’ve been marketing A LOT.  Social networking has started to take over my life as I’ve filmed videos and taken photos for my social media platforms.  Then I forgot why I’m doing it in the firs