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Danielle Mamaril

Published writer and aspiring author

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Recent Publications


sing alleluia, amen

an erotic devotional poem with sapphic vibes

Flash Fiction

Deer in the Headlights

A police officer commits a crime

Short Story

The Trial of a Goldfish Killer

A lifeguard encounters a mermaid.


Roses Still Have Thorns

A poem about eating disorders.

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Works in Progress

Peer Review

Ghostwriting a Suicide Note
Short Story

Elias is ready to write his suicide note. As he delays the task, a mysterious force writes the letter for him.


Currently Untitled

A fantasy world set in a country of political turmoil. We've got super powers, forbidden romance, and strong female characters.

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June Wrap-Up 2019

I didn’t do a May Wrap-Up because I didn’t finish a book in May. Whoopsie. It was finals season so I very much prioritized my schooling...

A Poem: My Confidant

My Confidant Music I know her music’s sweet melody lifts me up calms me down makes me excited offers beautiful words I love music as a...

April Wrap Up of 2019

It’s a wrap up for April 2019! This month has been awesome. While I haven’t done anything remarkable, I’m back into the writing community...

Hi I’m Back

I posted a vlog if that’s more your jam. It’s basically this blog with a tad more detail and in video form. Pick your poison. This post...

AuthorTube Newbie Tag

Yo my dudes, I’m new to AuthorTube and ready to mingle.  Get to know a little bit more about me below.  It’s super conversational and I’m...

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